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5 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

You’ve probably heard the saying but it really does ‘take two to tango’. We have teamed up with the relationship experts from eHarmony to create your go-to guide on how to decipher ‘boy code’.

FYI we are going to be VERY honest here because the reason you are here in the first place means you probably already have your answer…


1. He only wants to see you late at night

It’s called a booty call for a reason. How often do you hear of people marrying their late night ‘booty call’? Our point exactly. Hold off ladies! Ignore the late night texts and wait for someone who wants to see you in daylight – with your clothes on!

2. You don’t cop an invite to big events

At the end of the day if he’s into you, he’ll want you in his life. This could mean meeting friends/family and major events like birthdays or holidays. If you aren’t invited…It’s probably time to start raising those perfectly shaped brows.

3. He pulls out corny lines, movie quotes and crack jokes to avoid d-n-m’s

Who doesn’t love a good joke, pun or cheesy line? But be careful of those who avoid serious conversations like a bad smell. Chances are if they aren’t ready for ‘the chat’ they aren’t ready for you.

4. He talks about his ex. way. too. much 

Not that we are being jealous girls or anything but enough with the ex-files. If they can’t stop talking about beautiful Berenice it sounds a lot like they are living in their past and not in your future.

5. He hates using the ‘c’ word 

No, not that word! Do you send them running every time you mention commitment? Some classic lines we’ve heard WAY too many times before are ‘I really need to focus on my career’ or ‘why do we need to define what we are? We’re us and that’s good enough for me.’ Sorry to burst your bubble but if they are really into you they are more than happy to commit.

So there you have it – sorry if we burst your love bubble but it was better we did it now than when you’d finished your mixtape.

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