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Here are things even a professional organizer wouldn’t throw away

When you’re in purging mode, tossing things you may need sometimes comes with the territory. Who hasn’t regretted throwing away a pair of shoes or a dress that you thought you wouldn’t need? Finding the difference between hoarding and keeping things that you’ll likely need in the long run can be a tricky business.

According to a professional organizer, there are a few hallmark items that you should hold onto — at least throughout a few rounds of cleansing. Starting with a touchy area first, Nonnah Driskill advises to keep those childhood diaries that you’re not sure where to put. She tells Purewow, “It helps me relate to my daughter more. When I read through them, I realize I changed my mind every day, like she does. I don’t remember it, but I have proof right there.” As a parent, flipping through them can help you empathize with your children and give you compassion for your own experience. Using them as a keepsake, you can also keep them in the family for years to come. 

On another sentimental note, it’s best to initially keep a deceased loved one’s old belongings. Driskill’s rule of thumb is to wait between three to 12 months before tossing anything that you’re on the fence about, Purewow notes.

Steer clear of your partner's things

When decluttering, it should go without saying that you should wait for your significant other’s input before tossing their items, Purewow contends. Once they find out, it likely won’t be a good situation for their sense of trust or your relationship. When it comes to books, follow Marie Kondo’s advice by taking them all off the shelves to “wake them up”, Mindbodygreen notes. This method is said to help revamp the energy on the pages and help you reconnect with whichever you should keep. So, grab your books, dust them off and see which you feel excited about putting back on your shelves. 

After you make your way to your closet, take some time separating classic items from the novelties and accessories. Good Housekeeping recommends hanging onto classics like a good pencil skirt, your favorite pair of jeans and a classic blouse — while trends will come and go, these will always be staples. Furthermore, apply the same methodology to your footwear. Keep the classics! You’ll thank us later.

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