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Kylie Jenner Changed Her Mind About Stormi's Name — at the Birth Certificate Office

It’s been eight months since the world was introduced to Kylie Jenner’s adorable daughter Stormi, and it’s hard to imagine the baby girl having any other name. Now, Jenner is sharing the inspiration behind Stormi’s name — and the very last-minute change she made at the birth certificate office. 

In a Halloween makeup tutorial with James Charles, the model and reality star shared that she was drawn to nature-inspired names during her pregnancy. "I was looking [at] nature names, like weather, Earth-inspired. Willow was on there — love the name Willow," Jenner recalled. "But I know a Willow. She’s a great Willow, and I’m close with her. When you know someone with that name, you can’t do that. It’s taken." 

Luckily, there was another name on the list Jenner loved: Storm. So she decided on a twist: Stormie. The star was so confident about the name that she used it on all the monogrammed products she bought, including blocks that spelled out S-T-O-R-M-I-E. 

But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. When it was time to finalize her daughter’s name at the birth certificate office, Jenner had a sudden change of heart. "They were like, ‘How do you want to spell it?’ And I was like, ‘S-T-O-R-M-I.’ They were like, ‘You sure?’ I said, ‘Yeah, just an I.’ Literally right then and there, I just changed it to an I," Jenner recalled. "I said, ‘Damn, I guess that’s her name.’ And I called Travis and said, ‘I didn’t put an E and went with an I.’"

There’s no word on what happened to all that monogrammed "Stormie" baby gear, but we have a feeling Jenner can afford to replace it. Ah, the joys of being a not-so-self-made billionaire. 

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