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Lauren Conrad Confirms Her Son Is a Tiny Drunk Adult

A few years back, at the height of listicle culture, a handful of outlets put together pieces with titles like, "Babies Act Just Like Drunk Adults." The evidence they provided was compelling: Babies are sloppy eaters who often use their hands; babies babble incoherently; babies really struggle with their balance. Now, Lauren Conrad is revitalizing the meme-heavy conversation by commenting on 13-month-old son Liam’s coordination blunders. 

"He is walking. He gets into everything, and he started walking around a lot," LC told People. "He started really [walking] a month and a half ago."

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Conrad went on to explain that the walking isn’t what worries her most; Liam desires to pick up the pace, and that leaves her simultaneously laughing and on edge. 

"Now, he is running, which is scary because they’re like little, drunk men," she said. "They’re just constantly falling over, and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God!’" 

Put the milk down, kid. You’re drunk.

Keeping with the my-baby-is-an-old-man theme, Conrad shared that she loves dressing Liam up in adult-inspired clothes. 

"I get to dress him up all day long. It’s so fun," she said. "I’ve always wanted a boy, so I was really excited. But all my friends were like, ‘Oh, but the girl clothes!’ But I really love dressing him … You dress them like tiny men." 

Conrad, who recently released a line of denim for Kohl’s, certainly has a knack for fashion, and it’s clear she’s passing her sense of style along to her son. While she was initially skeptical about posting photos of Liam on Instagram because she wanted to keep some moments private, Conrad has recently become more open to the idea. Over the past few months, she’s shared pictures of Liam walking on the beach (wearing the cutest sweater, BTW), digging into his first birthday cake and trying on mom’s accessories. 

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