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13 Men Share The Absolute Hottest Thing A Woman Has Ever Done During Sex

We know that there are tons of things that get a man going in bed, but there are also those little things you do that burn a sexy hole into his memory forever. We reached out to Men’s Health readers and other real guys to tell us all the things women do in bed that drives them absolutely bonkers. Check out their responses below, and think of it as some helpful inspiration in case you’re feeling less-than-creative lately. Bonus: They’re all things that will make you feel sexy as hell, too.

“When a woman tells me exactly what she likes—nothing is sexier than that.” —Steve G.

“My girlfriend once woke me up with a blowjob. It was totally unexpected—and that’s why it was awesome.” —Alex J.

“Once, my girlfriend came over wearing a dress that had a zipper that zipped all the way down the front. Unzipping it and seeing her lacy lingerie peek out was unbelievably hot.” —Joseph G.

“After a long day of work, after I had already talked to her during lunch on how stressful my day was, I came home and she was wearing sexy lingerie, pulled me into the bedroom by my tie, shoved me on to the bed, looked at me with glaring innocent eyes, smiled and said she loved me for the first time, then pounced on me. I immediately returned the favor tenfold.” —Erich J.

“Being sexually confident and not being afraid to tell me what works and doesn’t work for her. There’s nothing sexy about a girl laying there pretending to be into it. Spare my ego and just tell me, it’ll be more enjoyable for the both of us.” —Scott W.

“I love it when a woman is vocal about if something is pleasing her, and not just with her words, but in how she holds on tighter or when her eyes just roll back a bit.” —Patrick H.

“When she isn’t afraid to honestly moan.” —Mario G.

“When a woman self pleasures herself and makes her man watch, that’s pretty hot!” —Mark A.

“Confidence is definitely number one. Looking your man in the eye and telling him how good this or that feels, smiling that little devilish smile when he does something that just feels so right. Whispering his name at just the right moment.” —Harry W.

“Right in the middle of us going at it she said, ‘You are so f—ing hot.’ No, it wasn’t really dirty talk or some deviant or risqué sex act…it was just a flat out compliment that really turned me on and made me want to please her more.” —Michael L.

“When she plays with her nipples and breasts and arches her back when you go down on her—really gets me into it.” —Nicholas M.

“I walked in on her waiting on the bed in lingerie. It was the hottest sex ever.” —Matty H.

“Her putting the condom on for me while staring me in the eyes. Simple, but sexy.” —Jay J.

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