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7 Reasons Boxing Is The Best Sport For Women

“Boxing is the best high-intensity, kilojoule-burning activity that you can do,” says Lauryn Eagle, professional boxer, owner of Lauryn Eagle Boxing Gym, ambassador for Adidas, Everlast and TAG – and one of the stars in our 2017 WH Fitfluential Issue.

“You’ll gain cardiovascular strength, burn fat and really tone those arms!”

Here’s why Eagle believes boxing should be at the top of every woman’s workout in 2017:

1. You’ll stick at it
Running on a treadmill is boring! Boxing means punching and ducking and jumping your way to fitness, a healthier heart and kilojoule burn. And we all know the fun factor is the biggest predictor of whether you’ll consistently work out.

2. It’s a full-body workout
All that punching, jumping and agility requires a surprising amount of strength from your whole body. Think about incorporating squats, push-ups, planks and weighted medicine ball exercises into your next session.

3. You’ll love the effects it has on your body shape
As well as being a full-body workout that shapes your whole body, it offers the perfect mix of muscle-building strength training and kilojoule-burning cardio. You’ll always work up a sweat.

4. It knocks out stress
Getting out all your anger and stress on a punching bag is the best way for a bit of clarity. Plus, let’s face it, once you’ve finished a high intensity boxing session, you don’t have much mental power to worry about where your yoghurt in the communal fridge ended up!

Lauryn Eagle boxing with Women’s Health Women in Sport Editor Alice Ellis @ Lauryn Eagle Boxing Gym

6. You’ll become less unco
Boxing is absolutely the best sport to improve your hand-eye coordination! Not to mention your reflexes and reaction times. Try punching a speed bag –you need to see the target, react almost instantly and then punch it, almost all in one motion and while the target is moving! It’s a must in any training session.

7. You can box anywhere
You don’t need much equipment to complete a hardcore boxing workout and work up a heavy sweat. It’s also a fun thing to do with your best mate.

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