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Couples Are Sharing Their Self-Isolation Horror Stories On Twitter

It started with Meg Zukin, Variety’s Senior Social Media Editor, who wanted to give back to those affected by the pandemic, while also providing entertainment for those stuck at home. 

Last week, Zukin tweeted, “if u live with a significant other and think all the co-quarantining will cause u to break up, email me at megzukin at gmail dot com. i’m not writing a story im just messy and love drama.”

She then created a Google Doc filled with the stories she received, made viewable after you Venmo her $1 which she in turn donated to dozens of charities, including the Food Bank for New York City and Meals of Wheels. While Zukin is still accepting donations, the stories are now available for public consumption via Alternatively, you can make a donation by heading here. 

We’ve collated a few of our favourites below: 

Work from home woes

On Thursday evening, my husband and I got into a fight and he stopped speaking to me, so we barely talked that whole night. On Friday, we both found out we would be working from home starting Monday – him for the next two weeks, and me indefinitely. We still didn’t talk on Friday after work, and we didn’t talk all weekend. Now it’s Monday morning and he set up his computer RIGHT ACROSS from me at our dining table (we don’t have much space at home). He didn’t test out his VPN so he’s calling his office’s tech person to get help, being very loud on the phone, sighing loudly in frustration while I’m trying to compose emails and get my work done. I don’t know how to do this for the next two weeks or more. 

​He’ll get stuck here

I have been seeing this guy, casually for a few months and pretty seriously (as in sleepovers most nights, discussing things a few months into the future) just for the last month or so. 

Well, I’ve had my doubts but now I’m pretty sure he’s not “the one” and I’m not sure how much longer I want to keep seeing him, for various reasons. However- he is all in and wants to ride out the quarantine with me! I am stuck between wanting someone around I can hang out with/sleep with while everything else goes to hell (I live in a one br and already miss socialising) and the terrifying thought that he’ll get stuck here for some crazy length of time.

Postponed breakup 

I live with my boyfriend & actually tried to break up with him pre-corona craze, but I will wait until this all blows over because I’m all comfortable and shit.


I told my husband of almost 5 years I wanted to get divorced on his birthday a week ago. My work is going on 10 day rotations to limit interactions. I’m on the first rotation and then home with him for 20 days. It’s…something.

Toxic man

How’s this though – I live with my ex we already broke up and now this virus really gonna trap us together. The universe wants me to be with this toxic man 😩

Fresh limes

Day 3 of us working from home. My bf got mad at me cause I squeeze whole limes on my lunch and dinner and now we don’t have any more fresh limes left. Only got those green instant lime juice things that are shaped like a lime and we had a fight cause I tried to reach out for it.

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