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Heartbroken People Reveal The Last Thing Their Exes Ever Said To Them

Women and men from around the world have taken to Whisper, an anonymous secret sharing site, to reveal the last words their exes spoke to them.

Heartbreaking, harrowing and sometimes hilarious – the comments will no doubt take you back to your last break up.

“The last thing my ex husband told me is that I would have nothing without him. But after working hard for two years I will be signing the papers to my new house in a few hours. I’m proud.”

“The last time I saw my ex she came by to pick up one last thing and we talked about the break up. We both cried but knew it was for the best. She told me she still loves me. I still love her.”

“‘I will always love you no matter what. No matter the distance.’ The last thing my ex that I’m still in love with told me…”

“The last thing my ex told me: ‘Stop pretending we’re in a fairytale. We’re not.’”

“The last thing my ex told me was that I was the kind of girl that no one will ever fall in love with. I believe him.”

“The last thing my ex told me was, ‘You’re my first, and last girlfriend.’ Months after we broke up he got himself a boyfriend.”

“The last thing my ex told me was that I shouldn’t be in a relationship. Two years later I’m too terrified to love someone again.”

“The last thing my ex told me was that he never moved on from me. Then I got a call from his new GF that he’d apparently been dating for 6 months before we even broke up.”

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