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How To Turn Your Sex Sesh Into A Serious Calorie Burner

We’ve lived through barre booty workouts, spin classes, Pilates, and now even Barry’s Bootcamp has landed down under – but there is one exercise guaranteed to burn calories and tone muscles. If you’d rather stay home than pump iron, sexercise might be the tantalising alternative you need!

Sex has a plethora of health benefits from releasing good hormones and endorphins that help fight of depression, lower stress levels and improve overall mood. There are also studies showcasing the ability of sex to improve immune systems and leading to better health overall.


Lying on your back is the perfect time to perform crunches in time with your partner’s thrusts. You can either curl your torso straight up to their body or focus on your obliques by twisting and side-crunching. This exercise works best when you match your partners thrusting tempo.  


This interval training approach can be taken towards any cardiovascular routine. Simply alternate between high-intensity humping and slow/ sensual recovery periods. When you start out alternate 1 minutes of heart-pumping activity, with 30 seconds recovery. Remember, if you are the predominate thruster you are going to burn calories, work your heart and tone muscles. Tip: try thrusting along to the beat of a song as it makes it easier to maintain your pace. 


These little-weighted balls, with regular use, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, making your vagina feel tighter and improve bladder control. Strong pelvic muscles also lead to more powerful sensations during stimulation and stronger, more intense orgasms. When starting out with kegel exercises, it’s a good idea to avoid doing vigorous activity to prevent the balls from slipping out. Sometimes a violent movement like a sneeze or a cough can cause the balls to dislodge. However, once your muscles become strong enough to hold them in, you can start to take on more physical tasks whilst wearing them. For a beginner, we recommend the Single Kegel Ball, and for those more advance the Small Ben Wa Balls.


Prop your partner up with pillows or a wedge so that you don’t need to squat too low, and then position yourself above your partner’s penis. Remember to engage your core to get the most out of the exercise, and use your arms to brace yourself on either your partner’s torso or the headboard if need be.


This basic Pilates mat routine is much like the abdominals workout, arrange yourself in boat pose facing your partner. Then get started on your Hundred’s while your partner pulls back and forth. If you’re struggling with the motion investing in some restraints can help you. Remember to beat, beat, beat, beat!

Yes, you may not be able to switch out your complete gym routine, and sometimes you might be after slow and sensual, but sexercise is at least worth a good old college try!

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