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Jesper Juul is dead

For years, Jesper Juul was not occurred because of a serious illness to the public. Instead, the well-known family therapist, has lived in seclusion in his native Denmark. There he is in the early Morning of the 25th. July to pneumonia and died.

He was 71 years old. The Institute Familylab, quoting Juuls adult son Nicolai.

Juul had co-founded the parent guidance project Familylab 2004, the offshoots in numerous European countries. With books such as “no love” or “Your competent child” he had given to parents comprehensive guide to the Hand. Among other things, he focused in his theory on the example of parents and the approach to Dialogue in the child’s education.

Until a few years ago Juul had answered in a loose series with SPIEGEL ONLINE education questions from readers. Click here to read a MIRROR-Interview with Juul from the year 2016.