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Katie Kelly – The Australian Paratriathlete Going From Strength To Strength

Last year, Katie Kelly, who suffers from Usher’s Syndrome, was classified as legally blind and deaf; today she is the defending World Champion Paratriathlete alongside guide, Michellie Jones.

When we asked Katie what drove her to complete in the paratriathlon she explained “it gives you an opportunity to play to your strengths. Running is my strength although the challenge around each discipline is unique, you do need to be well rounded in all three.”

On choosing the right bike, the most technically advanced helmet, “people get too caught up in having all the right gear and you don’t need to worry about that. I literally started on a kid’s bike in Penrith. I had nothing.”

Katie explains the importance of listening to your body “When you want to get that winning edge it’s like every session is critical to do it and do it well. You really have to be smart about the way you train to allow yourself to recover.”

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