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Many Germans are afraid of the hospital

Almost every third woman (32%) and every fourth man (25 percent), fear of a Forsa survey shows that in front of a stationary treatment in the clinic. The representative survey commissioned by the Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH) also shows that 81 per cent of the Anxious fear of becoming infected with hospital germs.

Every Second person is afraid, therefore, before the need for re-Operation and complications of anesthesia. A possible poor wound healing and poor quality of the used medical products also play for around half of the respondents. Forgotten surgical instruments in the body and drug intolerance are for a reason, to Worry. Almost every third justified his Fears with own bad experiences.

Many of the respondents would inform themselves before a planned hospital stay of the illness, the treatment and the hospital. Eight out of ten Germans of the doctor is the first point of contact. Three-quarters of the respondents would search also in the Internet. Experiences from the circle of friends are two-thirds as a source of information. For the study, were interviewed in July, around a thousand German citizens between 18 and 70 years.

2018 had the expert commissions and arbitration of the medical Profession in 1858, the treatment of error found, the number, however, relates not only to treatments in the hospital. Most of the complaints were related to surgery on the knees and hip joints, as well as interventions due to the fractures of the lower leg and ankle. The Medical service of the health insurances (MDK) documented in the last year, just under 3,500 treatment errors.

Who has the suspicion to be wrong have been treated, you should not hesitate too long. After three years, the claims become time-barred in the rule. First, the Patient should talk with the doctor himself. He is not more there are senior Doctors or the hospital management, the next contact person. In many clinics, there is a Central complaint bodies to which patients can turn to.