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Mum loses eight and a half stone and is named UK Glamour Model of the Year

A DJ from Devon has been crowned the UK Glamour Model of the Year after losing half her body weight.

Bonnie Staimer, 35, weighed 16.5 stone at her heaviest after eating whatever she wanted during and after pregnancy.

After her weight made her consider quitting work as a DJ due to lack of confidence, the single mum of two decided to make a change.

She began to hit the gym six times a week and stick to a healthy diet. She has now lost a total of eight and a half stone, and feels comfortable getting back on stage to DJ again.

Bonnie DJ-ed the UK Glamour Awards ceremony, and was shocked to find she had also won the title of UK glamour model of the year.

She said: ‘I hadn’t been overweight until I fell pregnant with my first child. I just ate literally whatever I was not meant to, which I enjoyed at the time, but I piled on the pounds. The last time I weighed myself I was 16..5st.

‘After I gave birth I tried to lose the weight and feel like me again, but within six months I was pregnant with my second daughter and it happened all over again.

‘I have been a DJ for a few years but lost all my confidence and was so close to jacking it in and working in a supermarket.

‘I need an incentive to get myself into the right state of mind so I decided to raise money for Cancer Research by signing up for the London Marathon in 2017.

‘I was down to about 12 stone when I did it and just kept going with exercising and eating healthy.’

Bonnie was determined to lose weight in a healthy way rather than going for any sort of crash diet or gimmick and says there’s no massive secret to her transformation.

‘The key is being in the right frame of mind, along with routine, exercise, eating well and drinking water,’ she said.

‘I work out six days a week and try to rest one day a week but I’m still active running around after the kids. Sometimes I get up at 6am and do 30 minutes on the cross-trainer wearing 27 kilos of weights.

‘People think that sounds a lot but I was carrying a lot more than that when I was overweight.

‘I also go to the gym, run and I have two horses so I enjoy horse riding. Sometimes I do look at my cross trainer and think I can’t be bothered, then all I do is just think about what I’m trying to achieve and after I’ve done it I feel so much better.’

After losing weight and gaining confidence, Bonnie began modelling, and quickly racked up Instagram followers and fans.

When she was nominated for the title of UK glamour model of the year, the mum never thought she would win.

Now she’s back to DJing, modelling, and enjoying life at a healthier weight.

‘It’s crazy,’ said Bonnie. ‘I’ve now gone 360 degrees and am loving DJing again. My family and friends are just so pleased to see me back where I belong and doing so well.

‘I never thought I stood a chance to become UK Glamour Awards Model of the Year, which again was probably a confidence thing.

‘People may assume I’m big headed because of my success recently, but I’m the most down to earth person and no one is more shocked than me how well things are going.

‘My goals have changed along the way but what I want now is to keep my DJ career going and the modelling. Luckily both go hand in hand, and I just want to be happy and healthy.’

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