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More problems with seizures and heart by Cannabis?

After the consumption of Cannabis was legalized in many countries, it is researchers to investigate the health consequences better. Two studies were presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) in Philadelphia, suggest that this is urgently necessary: Apparently, a regular Cannabis depends on consumption, with a shock, arrhythmias seizures, and heart.

In the first of the two studies 43,860 people who had consumed in past month Cannabis were considered. In comparison to non-consumers, a number of other risk factors were at hand for them: they drank an above-average amount of alcohol, smoked more and had more often hypertension, Diabetes and increased blood fat values. When 1.8 came times more impact on seizures. In the case of persons who accessed at least ten times per month to Cannabis products, increased the factor of even 2.5. Was also still smoked, the risk of stroke was 3.1 times higher.

Cannabis affects the heart rate

In the second study, it was found that people with Cannabis abuse were 50 percent more likely to have heart rhythm disorders to the hospital. In low doses of Cannabis increases the heart rate, in large amounts, it comes to a severely slow heartbeat, the effects are sustained for about three hours. A Cannabis was defined abuse as a compulsive marijuana use, similar to alcoholism.

In summary, the experts noted that further studies on the health effects of Cannabis are very important, and that users need to be more on the risks to the cardiovascular System and its security.