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Olivia Wilde's Secret for Whiter Teeth Is Only $6—and It’s Available at Walmart

Olivia Wilde is best known as an actress or director, but the 35-year-old’s latest passion is clean beauty activism. Wilde recently discussed her interest in sustainable products during a “Get Ready For Bed With Me” video segment for Harper’s Bazaar.

Wilde said her preference for all-natural products started during pregnancy, when she received warnings that most of the items she used daily were “poison.” The mom-to-be quickly realized “if things are totally unsafe when you’re pregnant, they’re probably unsafe all the time.” 

The discovery led the Booksmart director to overhaul her personal products with non-toxic alternatives, including swapping her old toothpaste for Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Toothpaste ($6,

“When you start thinking about what you’re putting on your skin, you think about what you’re coming into contact with at all times, including what you’re putting in your mouth. Toothpaste is a big part.” says Wilde. “So I’m using Dr. Bronner’s. This is good stuff.”

The toothpaste ditches unnatural ingredients like artificial coloring, carrageenan, and preservatives. Instead, the formula uses baking soda, coconut oil, and aloe leaf juice to remove plaque, freshen breath, and whiten teeth.


To buy: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste, $6,

Also available in cinnamon and anise flavors, the toothpaste doesn’t foam up like traditional toothpastes. Instead, the formula keeps the ingredients clean by skipping synthetic foaming agents—but still leaves, your mouth feeling fresh post-brush thanks to a refreshing addition of peppermint extract. 

Plus, this green pick avoids the surprising additions found in many common toothpastes—like artificial sweeteners—in favor of  organic stevia extract (rather than aspartame), to keep a pleasant taste without potentially spiking your blood sugar. You’ll also feel great about your impact on the environment with Wilde’s eco-friendly choice; both the packaging and the tube itself are 100% recyclable.

Despite a completely natural ingredient list, you can still count on this toothpaste to take care of your pearly whites. As Wilde points out in the video, the abundance of these more sustainable options mean they’re often just as good, if not better, than their counterparts. 

“You don’t have to worry that you’re sacrificing something,” says Wilde. “You’re actually getting everything that you want and need out of your products, while also contributing to a more sustainable future for yourself, for the planet.”

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