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Resorts: What is a healing climate, helps when

Whether sea or mountains: A cure can f&uuml both;r chronically Ill, as well as für Healthy very beneficial. The climate affects the Köthe body in different ways. How one Health works in exactly

The bracing climate and the salt – and moisture-containing air on the sea will serve as the Abhäevaluation and prevention of diseases

"Healing climatic health resorts have actually the große Los gezogen", Professor J&uuml says;rgen Kleinschmidt, the former head of the former Institute für health and rehabilitation Sciences at the Universität MüMunich with a wink. "You müshot relatively little füthis Spa invest, because a örtliches climate, there are schließmost of the time." However, the weather conditions alone längst is not: After all, dümay only carry nearly 70 of the nationwide around 350 highly qualified resorts between East Friesland and Bavaria.

The requirements of Bio-and Luftqualität are high: jäannually, less than 20 days with erhöhter Wärmebelastung müit shot healing climatic health resorts with more than 1500 hours of sunshine in the year. Cold, wet climate, and warm, moist Schwüle are considered to be Ausschlusskri­criteria. Therefore, Heilklima&shy are;tables resorts in the rule höthan 400 meters or in MeeresnäHey. "In the flat country of the W&auml is;rmebelastung to häfrequently and the supply of fresh air to eingeschränkt", Kleinschmidt says.

Gentle or stimulating climate?

Depending on the individual Constitution and basic to the Kurg&auml diseases;ste sets the climate therapy on stimulating, or gentle factors. Stimulating K&auml act;ltereize, böiger Wind, stägreater temperature fluctuations and intense solar radiation. "This lovely climate we find especially at the lake and in the Hochgebirge", the Pr&auml says;President of the Association of German Badeädoctors, Dr. Arno Wenemoser. In the mountains of the H&ouml yet to come;henreiz, the sea and the salty air.

Spas and healing climate

Maritime climate

Mild Winter and kühle summer are typical für the North and Ostseeküste (photo: North sea island of Spiekeroog). Air temperature and humidity vary little, but böiger Wind, Kältereize and UV radiation stimulate the Köbody. The bracing climate by the sea with its salt – and moisture-containing air is suitable for General Stästrengthening and allergies, respiratory and skin diseases.

A mid-mountain climate

From 400 Meters Höhe worries Wäwoods and lakes für gemäßspectrum, balanced ­­Temperatures, low Wärmebelastung, and pollutant and allergen-free air (photo: lake Schluchsee in the high black forest). This climate is also suitable für patients with reduced resistance, for example after a heart attack. In mitt­leren Höhenlagen köcan, therefore, be treated in all disease.

High-mountain climate

Kälte and Höhenreize, as well as the intense solar radiation have a stimulating effect and stästrengthen the AbwehrkräRTD. Important: always on the type of skin adapted to the sun protection. The stimulating climate in the mountains (photo: Watzmann in Berchtesgaden) is suitable for the prevention and Abhäreddening is due to the pure air, ideal for ­Respiratory diseases and allergies.

"A bracing climate is excellent for the prevention and Abhärtung", the bathroom F&uuml says;ssinger, a Spa doctor. In the case of respiratory diseases, allergies and skin diseases, the allergen increases and low-pollutant air in the mountains and on the sea, in addition to the well-being. In the case of acute health Pro­problems köcan some stimuli but to be strong. "Especially für patients with cardiovascular disease is the geeignet&quot in the Central mountains of the prevailing climate, better;, stresses Wenemoser. Wäforests and lakes are the für is a tempered climate with a low Wärmebelastung and pure air. 

To a Health gehört köphysical Aktivität

Healing climatic health resorts müshot, but more than good weather and clean air: "The outdoor training trails with different Schwierigkeits­degrees of zämiss also Anforderungsprofil", Wenemoser says. And Kleinschmidt ergänzt: "In addition to restricted traffic zones and recreation areas qualified Kur&auml be;doctors benötaken, the individual treatment and training programs."

Because of a Health gehört regelmäßige köphysical Aktivität, which is adapted to the respective load capacity. Unlike treatments in a Spa or mud Spa climate cures thus a certain amount of köphysical Fitness advance. "You are ümainly für patients who do not want to be treated passively or köcan – for example, because you are on crutches to rely sind", Kleinschmidt says. "You should move like to be active and sufficient conditions." 

Healing climate cure can be combined with other therapies

A mehrstüfull climate migration is not only an excellent Training für the heart and lungs, but also improves the Anpassungs­­fäthe ability of the Köbody to changing climatic conditions. "Since the stamina in küa cooler environment is better d&uuml, ;may the Wärme­­loads, which, among other things, average temperature and humidity abhängen, in heilklima­climatic health resorts are not too high sein", erklärt Kleinschmidt. 

The Gäste, on average, significantly jücustomizable as in other resorts, ünot surprised, therefore,. Schließlich stößt the concept of active therapy in äolder and severely disabled patients at its limits: "In Einschrärestrictions of the musculoskeletal system, the direct W&auml is;rmeeinwirkung in Moor – or Thermalbäbut better geeignet", Wenemoser says doctors. However, the climate therapy let well with water and Wärmeanwendungen combine. In Seeheilbäbut you’ll außerdem often by a Tha­lasso therapy with sea water inhalations, as well as mud and seaweed wraps ergänzt.

Grant for a cure: When the insurance company demands!

Although the Qualitästandards in Germany höwere, in the meantime, every second course of treatment on a cash cost abroad, criticized Wenemoser. The majority of visitors to local resorts pay for their stay now and three to four days on average. Such a short stay without kur­ämedical advice no Health: &quot, however, is;Only after two to four weeks sustainable Erfolge&quot show;, erklärt Wenemoser. 

Although the number of outpatient Kurg&auml shrinks;ste, to get the stay of your health insurance is subsidized for years. The more you should ask for its cash, whether and under what conditions to an outpatient Vorsorgekur involved – not only to the climatic health resorts.

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