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Serena Williams to Launch Her Affordable Clothing Line Available For All Sizes

Aside from reaching the peak of her professional tennis career, Serena Williams recently revealed her new business venture. Back in May, she said she’s going to launch a new clothing line that will cater to all types of sizes, including plus sizes over XL or XXL.

She says she wants all men and women to be comfortable with their bodies and find gorgeous clothing they can wear to boost their confidence. After months of planning and building her business from scratch, she’s proud to launch her luxurious Great collection she’s sure her loyal fans would love to have!

The Great Collection

Just like how she practices her tennis game to perfection, Williams decided to give it her all when it comes to launching her own clothing line. She revealed she didn’t want to offer a subpar product to her fans once it’s launched in the market.

Williams revealed how she and her team went to the drawing board to design clothes and they also hired plus-size models to wear and represent it. According to her, they wanted the plus-size women to feel as if the clothes were specially made for them, and not just a mere extension of clothes intended for leaner women.

Williams’ Great Collection features luxurious fashion clothing wear from workout clothes, casual, and even for your anticipated date night outfit.

Williams hopes to transform the perception we have when we heard the word “plus” into a more positive one. She wants her customers not to feel ashamed of their bodies and have confidence in wearing clothes that bring out the best of them.

Williams wants all women to feel confident in walking into her store to buy their favorite clothing wear and walk out with smiles plastered on their faces. She’s also delighted to announce that her plus-size is already available at Neighborhood Goods. She partnered with this company since it’s also passionate about bringing premium designs for customers with larger sizes.

Notable Features

As someone who’s been making some headlines on the internet with her fashion style, William is passionate about wearing only the best clothing material that fit and made her comfortable.

However, most high-quality clothes she bought in the department store are often expensive, around $500 or more per piece. This motivates her not just to create a clothing line but also to make it affordable to the public. In fact, she wants to keep her high-quality shirts under $200.

Williams admitted the features she included in their new designs was because of her fashion style shift.

The third notable feature of her collection is it’s relatively easy to wear. They offer legging, lace tracksuit, and comfortable and loose gym wears for women to navigate freely. According to the pro-tennis player, she stopped wearing tight shirts as she had back then.

Her body changed since she became a mom. And she’s more than happy to embrace her new body. She now prefers wearing relaxing clothes while keeping her inner glamour. She, along with others, want to be a proud mom who walks in the public while looking fresh and fabulous.

Women Empowerment

Aside from custom shirts, Williams also launched statement shirts, tops, and sweaters to empower women and remind them of their worth. Some of her clothes were adorned with slogans like “Be Heard and Seen” or statements reminding them they are all beautiful no matter what their appearance, size, and skin. She also hopes women to come out open into the society and be unafraid to be just yourself.

According to Williams, one way of improving our self-esteem is by looking in the mirror and feeling pretty good in the clothes we wear.

She reiterates women should never apologize to anyone for being proud of who they are. Most of all, she thinks all women deserve to treat themselves with beautiful clothes and take a break from becoming too critical as we scrutinize each other on the clothes we wear. She hopes her clothes can help people lift each other up and break the body image stigma.

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