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Tess Holliday’s Son Hopped in Her Bathtub While She Was Trying to Get Some Self-Care Time—and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Tess Holliday has earned lots of fans as a model and body positive activist who speaks her mind when it comes to beauty standards and body peace. But she’s also a mom, and she’s just as unfiltered when she comments on the joy and chaos of motherhood.

Her latest so-relatable share is her new Instagram post. Holliday wrote that she was trying to score a little me time by taking a bath…when her 2-year-old son, Bowie, decided to join in. 

“When you have meetings & filming at your house all day, & decide to take a nice, relaxing bath before the chaos starts… but then your toddler sees you trying to sneak into the bathroom & screams until you let him take a bath with you,” she captioning a black-and-white photo of the mother-son duo.

To make room in the tub for Bowie, Holliday had to put in some additional legwork. She has a tattoo on her leg that can’t get wet, and the photo shows her lifted right leg and toes clutching the shower niche. (“Hey, I might be fat, but I’m flexible AF,” she wrote.) 

As she continued to make light of her disrupted R&R session, Holliday got real about the not-so-tranquil time spent with her little one. While the two seem fairly relaxed in the photo, she was sure to set the record straight.

“Also he screamed for 5 mins after this was taken because I wouldn’t let him play with the razor you see him grabbing,” she said.

And no Tess Holliday post would be complete without a message about self-love and having a positive body image. The founder of the platform @effyourbeautystandards ended her Instagram with a note about her body.

“This photo isn’t ‘flattering’, but I don’t care,” she wrote. “I’m proud of my body, & what it’s capable of & how funny & ridiculous my life/motherhood is.”

Holliday has provided us with a space to see what motherhood really looks like. While so many are wondering how influencers keep up their “perfect” lives, Holliday’s unedited stories and photos remind us to accept and enjoy the chaos.

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