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Turns Out Most Women Want To Foot The Bill On A First Date

Navigating the dating landscape is like entering the depths of uncharted waters. Throw the question of splitting the bill into the mix and you’ve now entered the Bermuda Triangle of first date pitfalls. Goodbye moral compass.

While etiquette tells us we should offer, our feminist principles want us to split it. But then, our dwindling bank balance is praying he’ll foot the bill. So, who should be reaching for their wallet on a first date?

New stats from Badoo (a dating app which has more than 390 million users around the world) have found that the majority of women consider a trip to the ATM part of their pre-date ritual – with 65 per cent of us preferring to pay.

The reason? Confidence. 

According to Badoo psychologist and dating expert Claire Stott, it’s considered one of the “most attractive qualities in a prospective partner.” 

“Women that take initiative and pay for dates exude self-confidence,” she explains. “Equally, men who are confident should find no issue in women who take control in this way. This reinforces each gender’s actions; only unconfident men would see it as a threat.”

In addition, many women don’t want to appear like they’re taking advantage of a potential new beau and are conscious of the financial pressure the dating realm can place on men. 

In short, when it comes to money manners offering is always important – but if your date does insist on covering the cost, don’t scream patriarchy just yet. Instead, reclaim first date awkwardness and see it as an opportunity to cover round two.

Nightcap anyone?

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