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ASPCA Removes 29 Dogs from Arkansas Property

On February 4, 2020, the ASPCA removed 29 dogs from a dilapidated property in Arkansas, upon the request of a local animal shelter and the Sheriff’s office.

Of the 29 dogs, some show signs of mange and other medical issues, and almost all were housed in a small, unkempt, fenced-in area. There was no adequate shelter to keep all the dogs safe and warm at night.


The dogs’ owner was completely overwhelmed and admitted that the sheer number of animals was too much to handle. Realizing that it had become a bad situation for the well-being of the animals, the pet owner, local animal shelter and local authorities collectively reached out for help. 

The ASPCA is intervening now—at a most critical time—before the situation could potentially escalate. Support from our generous members allows us the unique ability to provide the help and resources necessary to assist animals in need, like the ones in this community in Arkansas. 


These dogs will be transported to our emergency shelter, where we will provide them with a warm bed, medical treatment, behavioral assessment and continued care. Your urgent gift today can help us continue to rescue innocent animals and ensure their second chances at happy lives. 

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