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Tessa Is a Very Special Girl Looking for a Very Special Adopter!

Pretty girl Tessa has such a soft and caring side, our staff members just can’t help but rave about her! She absolutely loves to run, nurse on her toys and enjoys getting pets on and around her cheeks and belly. This highly active, loving lady has a great potential to bond with a new family quickly!

Like many of us humans, Tessa experiences anxiety, especially when out for walks. It can be challenging for Tessa and those walking her, as she self-soothes her overwhelmed feelings by tugging on her leash. Luckily, Tessa has been making tremendous progress while with us! She still has some work to do, so an adopter with willingness to continue working with her–ideally with a certified trainer–is a must.

In Tessa’s dream home, she is the queen of the castle, so no other dogs or cats please! Since she is so high-spirited, a home with teens and up are a must as well. If Tessa has taken your heart like she has ours, visit her profile to learn more!

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