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Ashley Graham Shared the Most Relatable Video About Going to the Gym for the First Time After a Break

Struggling to motivate yourself to get back in the gym after a summer break or time off for vacation? If you haven’t already, we recommend following Ashley Graham.

The always-candid supermodel reached out to her fans just before heading into a sweat session at Dogpound in New York City on Tuesday. She’d just returned home after three weeks of traveling, and she wasn’t completely ready to jump back in to her usual fitness routine—and we can completely relate.

“I just feel like a whole hot mess right now, so pray for me in the gym,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram story. I just had an espresso—I’m so nervous.”

Graham has long been serious about her gym time, so no surprise, she didn’t hold back. With husband Justin Ervin by her side, she performed a series of difficult moves with heavy weights.

Once her nerves had steadied, she confidently shared, “Back at it after 3 weeks. Feeling like a big shot.” In one Instagram video, Graham added that she feels “like an athlete again … it’s good to be home!”

The endorphin rush must have encouraged her to work out even more, and on Wednesday, she and Ervin returned to Dogpound for another round. The couple’s side-by-side sweat session, perhaps the definition of “couple goals,” shows the pair using the SkiErg machine and participating in a killer ab routine.

Hopefully, she’ll give herself a rest day soon. But until then, she’s encouraging us to pack a change of clothes for an after-work detour to the gym.

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