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How To Wear Bangs Without The Forehead Breakout

With winter weather in full force, now is the ideal time to experiment with bangs. Because let’s be honest, this high maintenance haircut is even harder to manage in the sweaty summer months.

But with this hairstyle, there’s one thing you can bank on all year round – forehead breakouts.

Expert dermatologist, Dr Joshua Zeichner, explained to Allure why you’re likely to see more spots with that new do.

“First, oil that accumulates on the hair itself can rub against the skin and block pores,” Zeichner says. “Second, hair over the forehead may trap oil produced in the skin, along with dirt and sweat, increasing your risk for breakouts.”

Fortunately there’s a few things you can do to avoid unsightly skin.

Zeichner suggests washing your hair and face regularly, the latter with a salicylic acid-based cleanser to exfoliate and remove excess oil.

It’s also worth assessing your hair care products.

Dr Marina Peredo told StyleCaster that you should try to avoid rich conditioners and shampoos, and consider switching to oil-free products.

“If you hair tends to be dry, apply your conditioner to the ends and not the bangs,” she says.

And obviously you want to show off that fresh cut, but there’s one activity you’ll need to pin it back for.

“If not pulled back all the time, at least keep your bangs off your face when you work out, as you are more sweaty and oily than normal [during that time],” Zeichner told Allure.

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