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You Can Score A Seriously Discounted 4.5-Star Air Purifier On Amazon Right Now

Whether you have asthma, allergies, or just really like breathing in good quality air (duh), an air purifier is an amazing tool to have at your place.

But let’s be real: Shopping for an air purifier is kind of hit-or-miss, since not all air purifiers are created equal—some just blow air around, while others are all-out systems designed to make the air you breathe in top-notch.

Of course, those high-quality ones come with a solid to hefty price tag…unless you happen to spot one marked down as one of Amazon’s deals of the day. And, oh hey, this Blueair Classic 203 Slim HEPASilent Air Purification System is currently marked down to $139 from $249.99 right now. That’s more than $100 off—and honestly, who doesn’t want to save a cool $100?

Here’s the need-to-know on this air purifier: The Blueair has a HEPA filter, which is basically the Rolls Royce of air filters, capturing 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants like allergens, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke particles, and pollen—that’s like, almost 100 percent, guys.

It also has three fan speeds, rolls out clean air five times and hour, and is super-quiet, so you can use it in your bedroom, office, or anyplace you want clean air and don’t want an annoying humming sound in the background.

A cool bonus: The purification system can also sync up with a SmokeStop filter that removes odors caused by smoke, pets, and food, so you can zap stinky smells while cleaning your air.

The Blueair Classic is designed for small to medium rooms between 200 and 300 square feet, and you’ll want to replace the filter every six months. It’s also energy star-rated for best in class energy performance so you shouldn’t see your energy bills skyrocket once you start using it.

But really, specs mean shit when there aren’t product users to back up these claims—luckily, this air purification system’s got those too. “I am thrilled as to how it is working,” one person wrote. “I can absolutely tell the difference between this product and others I have had in the past.”

Another review says they’ve owned several Blueairs over the years and especially love this one. “We have seen a great improvement in overall air quality, the A/C filters are cleaner and last longer, less dust on screens, window sills, and table tops,” they wrote. Other people praised the fact that the filter is “very small, light, and whisper quiet.”

Well, damn.

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