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Surprise! These 16 Coworkers Are All Pregnant at the Same Time

Between making back-to-school checklists and rushing to make sure kids have everything they need for the new school year (clothes! supplies! snacks!), many parents haven’t had the chance to breathe, let alone catch up on the weird news of the day. So, it’s entirely possible that while you were running around, you missed a major human-interest headline: 16 intensive care unit nurses at one Arizona hospital are all pregnant at the same time. As in, there are nearly two-dozen pregnant women who are all currently hustling the same job at the same location. To quote Gwen Stefani, this shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

The Associated Press first launched the incredible news into the national spotlight last week. Since then, the moms-to-be — and their employer, Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona — have kept busy juggling press appearances and their jobs as literal lifesavers.

Some of the women spoke with People magazine at a recent press conference and explained just how beautiful yet utterly bizarre it is to be pregnant alongside so many other coworkers

“This is my first child, so having the support of people who already have children is really nice,” Rochelle Sherman told People. “There’s a lot in common. We have that support system, and we can bring up everything. We’re all open with each other, and it’s so nice.”

Another nurse, Rachel Cosgriff, added that she appreciates how the nurses can talk openly about some of the less glamorous aspects of pregnancy.

“We’re nurses, so we’re not afraid to discuss the dirty details with each other,” she told People.

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The women also agreed that they would continue to support one another after they’ve given birth by scheduling playdates and exchanging parenting advice. People reports all of the women are due between September and February, and they plan to celebrate this Friday with a joint baby shower.

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