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Pharmacies in Switzerland include antibiotics tablets

As a measure against the development of resistance to antibiotics was started in the Swiss Canton of Ticino, a pilot project: the pharmacies give out there only the really required amount of antibiotics. Unneeded tablets remaining in the pharmacy and are available for follow-up recipes available, or to be disposed of after the end of Therapy.

If a customer comes in with a prescription for an antibiotic in a pharmacy in the Canton of Ticino, it can be Recently that he gets exactly as many pills as he should have, according to the prescription. No more. The Rest remains in the pharmacy and may be handed over, if the treatment is prolonged, or he is discarded when the therapy was finished.

The exact release of the drugs is to prevent the improper use and the emergence of drug resistance. Because many patients retain the remaining tablets and in a further condition circumstances, on his own authority, to administer them to children, or pass them on to third parties.

As the number of prescribed tablets, depending on the disease and the required dosage vary from case to case, are not always precisely the right pack sizes available. Is given the next larger package. So far, most of the patients with the new procedure agreed when it was explained to you. Only a few required the entire contents of the package, since you had to pay for completely. The project was created on the Initiative of the pharmacist Giovan Maria Zanini, the participation of pharmacies is voluntary.

In a French study, which followed a couple of years ago, a similar concept, has not been reduced by the on-demand delivery, only to the misuse of antibiotics, but 90 percent of the patients, the counted tablets are in fact a – in the control group, there were only two-thirds.


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