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Want More Affection In Your Relationship? Do This.

If you’re after some extra TLC in your relationship, recent research has found the answer. And it’s a fun one. 

Basically, more sex equals more affection and greater relationship satisfaction.

The series of studies looked at a range of factors influencing committed couples in the United States and Switzerland.

In the first two studies, a diverse selection of couples were asked about the frequency of their sexual activity, levels of positive emotions and how often they touched or showed signs of affection. The results show that respondents who had regular sex, were more satisfied with life, and researchers say that displays of affection played a significant role in the association, even in men.

Anik Debrot of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, lead author of one of the studies says, “Sex makes you feel good, not just because it releases more hormones or endorphins but also because you will feel more affection with your partner.”

And despite what popular culture would have you believe, it’s not just women chasing that extra intimacy.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, affection is a very important reason that sex feels good to you.”

The next two studies examined the long term impact of sexual intimacy on the emotional well-being of each partner. They found that couples who felt more positive emotions and physical intimacy after getting it on, still felt those effects hours, days and even months later.

“The more overall sex they had, the more affection; the less sex they had, the less positive affection,” Debrot said.

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