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Women Who Make The First Move Are Luckier In Love

It’s one of the most hotly debated topics amongst the dating world: should the guy or girl make the first move? And thanks to a recent study, we now have a definitive answer (singletons, take note.)

More than 100 heterosexual long-term couples who had found love via invite-only dating app The League, were quizzed about their secret to success. 

In one out of every three cases, the woman had messaged first.   

But turns out this isn’t just an online thing. According to dating expert Madeleine Mason, we’re also more likely to initiate relationships IRL too (even if it’s on a subconscious level.) 

“Men rarely pursue women if they don’t get some signal of interest, whether a smile, nod, flicking of the hair,” she told The Independent.   

“It seems to be an innate behaviour in our DNA. It occurs across most societies, so it may not be so different in an online context.” 

The survey also revealed that the successful couples (aka. those who had been dating for a year or longer) had an average age difference of three years between them, while 80 per cent had obtained the same level of education as their partner.

Most shared 34 text messages before exchanging phone numbers and on average, each couple matched with 84 people prior to meeting “the one.”

However, Mason stresses that these results must be taken with a grain of salt as each journey to love is different.

“Data helps to reflect on how one is in relation to that and whether there may be things you can change,” she said. “But they are just numbers and do not apply to everyone.”

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