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With 34, 60 and 78 years of age: body is aged in three phases

We do not age at a constant speed, such as researchers at the Stanford University in California, through the analysis of blood samples, have found out: In the course of life there are three phases in which particularly a lot of changes. Because Doctors could read in the future, whether or not a normal aging process.

Studies of more than 4,200 people between the ages of 18 to 95 years showed that the composition of their blood, with an average of 34, 60 and 78 years of modified particularly strong. This means that ageing is not a long, continuous process that occurs throughout life at a constant speed: "We were able to wave-like changes during the human lifespan feststellen", the researchers write in their article in the journal Nature Medicine.

Aging process verläuft in waves

The Team analyzed each of the blood samples of around 3,000 different proteins and found that 1,379 of vary with age. The results could help to understand the aging process better and to combat age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular diseases. "The level of many different proteins – about one-third studied of all of us change with age merklich", the scientists write.

By the researchers analyzed substances in the sample of 373 protein, you could tell the age of a Person to about three years before. If you guessed a young age, then the Person in question was, in General, for her age very healthy. It was also found that men and women aging differently: In almost two-thirds of the proteins that changed with age, were the effects in one of the sexes more pronounced.