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Product Review: Prefer Pets Travel Carrier – Fetch! Pet Care

My dog often travels with me in the car, whether we’re headed to the dog park or going for a Sunday drive. For safety reasons I like to keep her in a travel carrier so she doesn’t distract me from driving. We have gone through several travel carriers over the years and have recently tried out the Prefer Pets Travel Carrier.

This travel carrier fits pets up to 20 pounds and is surprisingly well made considering the lower price point; it certainly has a sturdy feel. The carrier, while well structured, is softer than some other carriers, making it easier to fit under the seats on an airplane. With breathable mesh on the top, front and back of the carrier your pet can get the air and visibility he needs for a comfortable trip.

One of my favorite features are the “privacy flaps” that allow you to cover the mesh portion, giving nervous pets the ability to keep to themselves and also go incognito in non-pet friendly places. This has really helped sooth my pet’s stress level when we’re in big crowds or noisy places.

With one pocket on the front for treats and poop bags, the carrier could use one more pocket so you could easily fit toys and a leash. Does your pet like to go for drives or travel with you?

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