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Pregnant fruitarian hopes her child will follow the same diet

A pregnant woman who only eats fruit is hoping her unborn child will follow the same diet.

Anne Jensen, 23, experienced muscle weakness and hair loss due when on a vegetarian diet, so gave up dairy, eggs, and cooked food to become a fruitarian.

When she was 19, the mum-to-be from Denmark was living in France and eating food rich in dairy.

But it left her with muscle spasms and lethargy which made Anne feel like she ‘couldn’t cope’.

After much research, she began a fruitarian, or a raw vegan, diet.

Now Anne, who is 25 weeks pregnant, wants her child to eat the same things as her, such as a diet of melons, bananas, and salads made of spinach, lettuce and tomatoes.

Although her meals usually consist of these staples, Anne says she had the odd cooked meal as it helps with nausea.

Though she does struggle with morning sickness, she is convinced that being fruitarian has kept her energy levels up as she prepares to bring a new life into the world.

Once she gives birth, she plans to listen to her body to work out what sort of diet is best for her, but hopes she can go back to fruitarianism full-time.

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