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Proper preparation: As you get from food, most of the Video

Vitamins, fiber, and tannins – lots of food contain healthy ingredients. However, it also depends on the preparation, whether the good materials arrive in the body. What you need to know.

Who wants to be a food especially tastes good, and healthy, following foods on the proper preparation:

1. Vegetables with Vitamin C

Vitamin C found in bell peppers and Broccoli. The vitamins are supposed to be even after the preparation is still available, is Better to roast than the cooking. Thus, less of the healthy content material is not lost. Sabine Schuster-Woldan, a nutrition expert from the consumer advice centre of Bavaria, explains: “The longer a vegetable is cooked, the higher the Vitamin C loss. So, better crisp.“

2. Carrots

Who eats carrots raw, dietary fiber and secondary plant substances. According to Sabine Schuster-Woldan this wholesome. Heat the carrots, destroys the cell walls and Beta-carotene can be converted in the body into Vitamin A. The expert says (quote): “in Particular in connection with fat the intake of Vitamin A to be relieved.” The heated carrots contain less fiber. Depending on whether the carrots are eaten raw or cooked, so they have other advantages.

3. Black Tea

Vegetable tannins contained in the tea, to ensure that the tea unfolds its good taste and are considered to be health-promoting. Black tea should not be drink with milk or lemon juice, advises the expert, because (quote): “milk and citric acid inhibit the tannin intake slightly.”

4. Garlic

FOCUS Online/Glomex , you only need to microwave: peel garlic in a few seconds, you should not cut, but rather crush it. Because the Crush of health to be set-promoting ingredients. These are in particularly high concentration, if you let the garlic for about ten minutes before you use it.