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The Candle Scents You Should Burn If You Need To Feel Energized

Candles are typically associated with relaxation, but certain scents actually help boost your energy — so they’re the ones you’ll want to burn when you’ve got work or household chores to attend to.

A perfect example is rosemary. Research has shown that rosemary helps wake you up and promotes concentration. A 2013 study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information found that participants who inhaled the scent of rosemary oil reported feeling “fresher” and became more active. The study also found that the rosemary scent increased heart and respiratory rates.

Then there’s cinnamon. Per Entrepreneur, the smell of cinnamon has stimulating properties. As a result, inhaling the scent will energize you mentally (which is ideal if you have work to get done) and it also helps with concentration and staying focused.

If you’re trying to work up the energy to exercise, try burning sweet orange and spearmint candles. A 2016 study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information found that inhaling these scents in essential oil form may improve athletic performance.

There are other energizing candle scents to try

Another scent that’s known for its energizing properties is peppermint. A 2013 study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information found that peppermint is a great scent to use for fatigue prevention and “[e]nhancing athletic performance.”

Grapefruit is another option. Per Verywell Health, the scent of grapefruit is used in aromatherapy to help with jet lag, fatigue, and depression, which can cause a lack of energy.

According to Healthline, a number of scents have been associated with enhanced energy, but more research is required before any conclusive statements can be made. However, if you want to give some of them a try, the list includes: Bergamot, eucalyptus, ginger root, juniper berry, lime, pine, thyme, and wild orange. If you like any of these scents, it’s certainly worth trying out a candle to see if it indeed helps with your energy levels. 

Studies on scent have primarily used essential oils, which are another option to boost your energy. You can inhale the scent of essential oils by using a diffuser or an individual inhaler, or dilute the oil and put it on the pulse points of your skin.

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