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The worst thing you can buy in bulk at Sam’s Club

While buying in bulk can save you some cash up front, it may not be wise to buy everything from warehouse stores like Sam’s Club. Between spices, skincare products, and more, it’s wise to take a step back before you purchase all of your products in bulk. 

Possibly one of the worst things you can buy in bulk, packs of multiple skincare products with SPF can end up costing you more in the long run. According to smart shopping expert, Trae Bodge, skincare products containing SPF can lose effectiveness over time (via Kiplinger). If you plan to buy any lotion or makeup that contains this skin-protecting ingredient, take some time to think about how soon you’ll use them. If you’re purchasing a pack of two or three containers, check to see the expiration date on the bottles to make sure you’ll be able to use the products before the SPF loses its effectiveness. 

More items to avoid at Sam's Club

Other products that Sam’s Club and warehouse stores carry can also pose this problem. Consider products like spices that often last for a good amount of time before you need to go to the store for more. Kiplinger explains that ground spices last between two to three years with peak flavor and freshness. When you go to Sam’s Club and stock up on large bottles of spices, you may notice a decline in flavor potency as time goes on. You’re better off buying products like these from your local grocery store. 

In addition to classic household staples, it’s wise to buy your clothes elsewhere as well. Bulk retailers often have deals with designers to sell lower-quality items with the brand name attached (via Business Insider). Jackie Warrick, former chief savings officer and president at told Today, “Most famous designers make less expensive summer lines just for warehouse clubs and outlet stores — and these lines may be lower quality. So, if you want long-lasting, well-made clothing by top designers, shop elsewhere.”

Next time you’re at Sam’s Club, check the labels and make sure that you’ll be able to use your skincare products and other perishables while they last — and head elsewhere for fashion. 

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