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Charité researchers: Paracetamol in pregnancy safe

Gonna take the end of mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy, Paracetamol, was that unlike many other pain medications, no adverse effect on the circulatory system of your unborn child. The investigation of the Embryotox Institute at the Charité hospital in Berlin showed.

In the case of unborn children, the circulation of the blood takes a "Abkürzung", since the lung before birth is not yet working: the so-called Ductus arteriosus. This passageway directs the blood to bypass the lung directly from the pulmonary artery into the main artery. It closes within the first days of life after birth. If this is not the case, can help the doctor with certain painkillers. This is exactly why must this pain means not Pregnant take in the last trimester of pregnancy. There is a risk that these blood vascular connection to the Unborn already prematurely closes. This would lead the child to a pulmonary high pressure.

The analysis of 1800 studies, the side effects of drugs in pregnancy have not showed, however, that this is true for Paracetamol, apparently. There was no difference between Pregnant women who had taken in the last third of pregnancy, Paracetamol, and women who had used the drug only in the first two-thirds. It was neither more frequently to premature closures of the Ductus arteriosus to more kidney damage or stillbirth.

The scientists keep taking Paracetamol for pain in pregnancy therefore, for sure, but, nevertheless, especially after repeated dosing, an ultrasound examination of the circulatory system of the child.