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How To Make Sure You Get Across the Fun Run Finish Line

World #2 female surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, loves her running. She’s launching her All Australian Beach Body Fitness App, and currently gearing up for Sydney’s City2Surf, which is on Sunday August 13, 2017. Here’s her four-week guide for smashing it come race day… 

4 weeks until race day: Build your base

The most important element of your training is slow and steady progression. Rather than blasting out the gates with a 14km training run that could leave you sore – or worse, injured – think about breaking up the distance into smaller runs every few days that leave you feeling like you could have kept going. Then harness that momentum into your next training session. You’ll end up putting in more kilometres over the week, and your body will be in better shape come race day.

3 weeks until race day: Hello, hills : )

Heartbreak Hill, here we come! Start incorporating some hill repeats into one or two sessions per week. Look for a hill on your local route that will take you approximately 1 minute to ascend. Try this set from my Fitz Power program:

> Start your run with a 10-minute easy jog
> 1 min steady climb
> Jog back down
> 1 min moderate climb 
> Jog back down
> 1 min hard climb
> Jog back down
> 1 min moderate climb
> Jog back down
> 1 min steady climb
> Jog back down
> Then warm down for 5 mins

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2 weeks until race day: Power brekkie

This is the perfect time to test out your ultimate race-day breakfast. One of my go-to brekkies is a protein pancake made with mashed banana, egg and a little grated apple.

The best thing for you to eat on the morning of the run is something you’re used to! Try a few different breakfasts before your training sessions in the weeks leading up to the run and see what makes you feel best.

1 week until race day: Rest, recharge and rehydrate

The week before race day is your time to prepare your body. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating well, and winding back your training. You don’t need to carbo load like crazy, it can leave you feeling sluggish. Listen to your body and stick to the foods that make you feel powerful. I love to fill up on colourful fruits and veg and good sources of protein like grilled fish or chicken.

24 hours until race day: Come and train with me!

The day before the race, it’s a good idea to keep your body moving, switch on those stabilising muscles and keep your body dialled up. I’ll be leading a training session in Darling Harbour, Sydney, with my favourite core and mobility exercises to keep you strong for the run. We’ll be finishing the workout with an awesome stretch and meditation set to get you ready for the next day!

10 seconds to go: Start smart

The start line at C2S is the most incredible buzz of energy! Soak it up and enjoy it, but when it’s time to run, think about conserving your energy… you’re going to need it! It’s tempting to power out of the start in that human tidal wave but what you really want to do is run comfortably until you get to Heartbreak Hill, and then you can give it everything you’ve got from there to the finish line. From there, it’s all mind over matter!

Train with Sally

Sally Fitzgibbons will be hosting a live fitness workout for 800 people as part of her All Australian Beach Body LIVE World Tour on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Participants will be taken through one of Sally’s inspiring, fun, high-energy workouts that features a mix of strength, functional, cardio and signature surf moves.

The live workout marks the launch of her All Australian Beach Body Fitness App suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The app includes two 12-week programs; ‘FITZ’ the ultimate bodyweight training and ‘FITZ POWER’ with the perfect combination of weights, functional and speed training (release attached).

Sally has been a professional surfer for 12 years and was also the youngest surfer in history to qualify for the professional world tour. She has won 10 x on the WSL Tour and has finished second in the world championship three times.

Event details

Saturday August 12, 2017

CITYFIT Expo, International Convention Centre in Sydney

Check in at 9am for a 10am start

Book tickets here:

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