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Netballer Courtney Bruce Doesn’t Resent The Juggle Between Sport, Work And Study

Team: West Coast Fever

Comp: Suncorp Super Netball, inaugural season Feb 18 to late Jun 2017


How did you start playing netball?

“I grew up south of the river in Perth and I started playing with my sisters at our local recreation centre. I liked the game’s speed, competitiveness and athleticism.” 

When did you become an elite netball player?

“My first year was back in the 2010/11 season, playing with the West Coast Fever when I was 16. I’m now going into my 6th season with the West Coast Fever.”

What’s your training schedule like?

“It depends on whether we’re in pre-season or regular season, but on average we do three weights sessions per week, four court-work sessions, including both conditioning and match-play scenarios. We also fit in yoga, pilates, physio, massage, video analysis and individual court work or conditioning sessions.”

Do you work in another job as well as playing netball?

“I work in the office at Netball WA, and I’m doing a Bachelor degree in Psychology. I love having to juggle my commitments – balance in my life is the key to me performing both on and off the court. Thankfully the club, our team wellbeing and psychologist consultant, and my uni are very helpful with the balancing act.”

Do you look forward to the day when sportswomen won’t need to work to subsidise their incomes?

“I certainly do, and the new deal and league in the Suncorp Super Netball is helping bridge the gap and allow some players to focus fully on their netball. There’s still room to grow, and hopefully over the next few years the income that can be earned from netball will continue to grow with more media and sponsorships.”

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What would you say to a woman toying with the idea of trying netball for the first time?

“Embrace the sport. It is a really good way to build new friendships and to just have fun. It also keeps you really fit: it helps build endurance because you run for 15 minutes without many opportunities to catch your breath. Plus it helps build core strength and overall stability, and also speed and explosiveness.”

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

“I’m really creative, I love to draw, paint and design. I have a real passion for art.”

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