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Woman thought she was pregnant – then she learns that it is a Tumor

The pregnancy test was positive, her belly was round, you felt healthy, there was no indication that something could be wrong with Tammie and her Baby. However, at an ultrasound appointment in the 12. Week of shock Tammie was not at all pregnant, she had cancer.

As Tammie Mylan holding her positive pregnancy test in Hand, it was lucky for her and her husband, Richard, a known British actor, is perfect. Accordingly, both excited were you when you went to the infamous critical Phase in the twelfth week of pregnancy, at the ultrasound appointment, to the hospital. However, there is the shock: That which grew in Tammis outwardly visible curved abdominal approach, was not her long-awaited Baby, but a rare, malignant Tumor, she told the news portal “Wales online”.

The so-called Choriocarcinoma, which can quickly scatters and if left untreated, lead to death, had formed there, where in the case of a pregnancy normally, the placenta develops and Tammies body so a pregnancy led to believe. Instead of further examinations and preparations for a Baby that the couple has Long wished, before Tammie is an extremely difficult time, After a surgery in a hospital in Wales, she came to the Charing Cross Hospital in London that specializes in rare tumors; a case such as Tammis, the Physicians treat on average about 120 Times a year. There you got all two weeks of chemotherapy over a period of eight months.

To meeting instead of preparing for a Baby, got a Tammie chemotherapy

“I had to because just. Richard has supported me the whole time and was always at all the events,“ said Tammie, who was enrolled at the time of the diagnosis, in her last year of training to be a nurse at the University of South Wales. “I tried to concentrate on my final exam. This really helped me, because I didn’t have to think all the time at the chemotherapy.“ With success – last week, Tammie had a celebration of their graduation. Tammie Mylan / Facebook

And there is still a reason for joy: The trained nurse is now cancer-free, to check you need to samples but regular blood to the Charing Cross Hospital send. “Just to Be sure. Since there is no tumors are more, and I’m fine,“ said Tammie. She and her husband want to try it soon again with the young family. “My chances are according to the Doctors less, but it is not impossible. I hope it very much. I always wanted to have children and can’t imagine to live without it.“