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Join the Factory Farm Detox: Take a Bite Out of Farm Animal Cruelty

This month, we’re launching one of our biggest fights against cruel factory farming ever. The Factory Farm Detox is a weeklong commitment to animals, the planet and your health. From September 24-30, detox participants across the country will avoid all factory farmed foods, opting instead for welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy, as well as plant-based alternatives. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this massive movement!

Why “detox” from factory farmed foods?

More than nine billion farm animals are raised each year in miserable conditions on U.S. factory farms. These inhumane facilities are also major sources of pollution, antibiotic abuse, foodborne illnesses, worker abuse and community health concerns. Safer and more sustainable alternatives exist. By shifting our food purchases to more humane options, we can kickstart new habits and send a clear signal to the food industry that it needs to address the cruelty and toxic effects of factory farming.

Join the Detox

How does it work?

Eating factory farm-free for the week doesn’t have to be hard: All it takes is a few tweaks to the food you normally buy or make! To help, we’ve gathered our best consumer resources and compiled recipes from some of our favorite chefs and bloggers to keep you informed and well-fed the whole week long:

  • Shopping list of welfare-certified and plant-based brands that meet the detox guidelines.
  • Directory of welfare-certified farms by state.
  • Food label guide and product-specific label explanations.
  • Detox recipes contributed by influential food bloggers and chefs—more to come!
  • Community Facebook group with moral support to help you stick to the detox.

Participants will also receive daily emails during the week with exclusive tips, such as how to eat out while sticking to the detox and how to save money while shopping humanely.

Register today and get ready to make a difference in the lives of billions of animals—one meal at a time!

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